Offering lessons in violin, piano, and step dance. Currently teaching in Cornwall. Please email for more info or to register: pamela.c.violin@gmail.com


How much are lessons? Rate is based on the going rate for lessons in this area, and charged per semester (pro-rated for those who start late). There is a studio fee of $25 per year which covers incidentals such as assignment books and binders, incentives, photocopies and recital.

Do you give discounts? Yes, there is a discount for illness and inclement weather which amounts to about 2-3 lessons per year. It is to your advantage to attend all lessons.

How long are lessons? Lessons are generally 30 min-60 min depending on level and age. Beginners on piano ages 10 and up and beginners on the violin ages 8 and up are encouraged to take 45 min lessons (unless being taught during the school day). More advanced students require 60 min lessons.

Do I need a piano/violin? Yes, you definitely need a piano or a full sized (88 key) fully-weighted digital piano (ideally).  Good used ones are sometimes available on kijiji - you can start on a smaller keyboard, but it's recommended that if you are serious about learning that you get a decent instrument. This aides in proper technique on the instrument.

Student violins can be found at Bobby Lalonde's music shop in Hawkesbury, music shops in Ottawa or Montreal etc. If you are not looking to spend a lot on an instrument, you can rent an instrument from Long and McQuade in Ottawa or Wilder and Davis in Montreal for $20-25 per month (they also have rent-to-buy options) You would be wasting your money, to not have a piano/violin to work on daily.  It would be like asking for skating lessons and refusing to buy skates.

How much practice is required? Children start with 15 mins per day and work up to 30 mins in the first year or two, depending on their age.  Anyone that is 10 and up should manage 30 mins per day easily.  As they progress to higher levels, practicing should increase according to the length of their lesson time. 

What ages do you teach? Usually 6 and up, but if your child is younger we can start with a trial lesson and go from there!